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Advanced Leatherwork 1 - Ron Edwards

Advanced Leatherwork, Volume 1, Interesting Braids and Flat Plaits.


Advanced Leatherwork 1





This book has been written for the people who have already mastered common plaits and braids. It is probably too complicated for beginners who should start with the smaller books offered elsewhere on this site or Bushcraft 8. Contents of this book are:

Assorted knots, hitches and buttons
Slit braids
Buttons based on crown and wall knots
Other sorts of buttons
Knob covers

Flat braids and their variations
How to start a plait
How to finish a plait
A selection of plaits in one colour
A selection of plaits in two colours
Some crocodile ridge plaits

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Above are examples of pages from the book there are many detailed drawings of the subjects covered, along with how to descriptions. A very well researched book.

Detailed contents of this book are

Assorted knots, hitches, and buttons
Concho fastening
Slit braided belts

Slit braids
Kenyan 4 sided slit braid
Slit braid fastening strap
Whip thong plait
Whip thong 4 plait
Harlequin braid
Laced reins

Buttons based on Crown and Wall knots
Crown knot
Wall knot
Final crown knot
Tripled crown knot
Crown-wall-crown button
Gumnut button
Bridle button
Saint Basil's knob
Big basil
Ronda sleeve knot
Sleeve knot
Corncob button
Wade's Crown button
Turban button

Other sorts of buttons
Slit button
Strap button
Figure eight button
Seed button
Chinese lantern button
Two strand button
Tea-tree knot
Stringybark knot
Eight strand button end
Scobie hitch
Basketweave knob covering
Star end pattern #1
Star end pattern #2

Flat plaits and their variations
How to start a plait
Common start for even numbers
Common start for odd numbers
Townsville start
Heart start
Spear point start
Spear point start
Bar start
Square start

How to finish a plait
Standard method of finishing a belt
Dingo finish
Dingo variation
Double ridge belt finish
Crown-wall-crown button belt finish
Loop ending

Selection of plaits in one colourSingle strand
Port Douglas sennit
Single strand three plait

4 strands
Flat plait of 4 strands, 2 ways of begging
Textured two tone of 4 strands
Flat loop of 4 strands ending as 8 plait
Flat loop of 4 strands ending as 4 plait

5 strands
Five plait using two straps

6 strands
Lazy man 6 strand
Snake belly 6 strand
Ugly 6 strand
Curious 6 strand

7 strands
Sandy 7 plait

8 strands
Port pattern
Forming buckle holes using any even number of strands
Ridge back of 8 strands
Ferntree gully interlocked 8 strand

9 strands
Argentinian 9 strand
Queensland 9 strand
Sandgroper 9 strand
Sydney 9 strand
Crow-eater's 9 strand
Vandemonian 9 strand
Gecko Wrestler's 9 strand
Grant's variation 9 strand
Lazy man 9 strand
Tired person's 9 strand
Townsville 9 strand

10 strands
Lazy man 10 strand
Bluegum plait of 10 strands
Uneven herringbone of 10 strands
Bar belt of 10 strands
Goanna neck of 10 strands

11 strands
Sort-of herringbone of 11 strands
Herringbone of 11 strands

12 strands
Diamond plait of 12 strands
Estorilla (small mat) of 12 strands
Long herringbone of 12 strands
Square start to short herringbone
Coral edge herringbone
Regular start 12 strands
Coral edge herringbone
Bar start 12 strands
Big bight herringbone of 12 strands
Townsville 12 strand

13 strands
Vanishing strand plait of 13 strands
Trece pattern of 13 strands
Hugo's false crocodile of 13 strands

14 strands
Flat plait of 14 strands
Simple single centre herringbone of 14 strands
Goanna neck of 14 strands

15 strands
Dave's K-Mart special of 15 strands

16 strands
Triple centre 16 strands
Flat plait of 16 strands
Four bar fence pattern, beginning
Four bar fence of 16 strands

17 strands
One, three, two, two plait of 17 strands
Long herringbone of 17 strands

A selection of plaits in two colours

8 strands
Flying S pattern of 8 strands
Uncle Willy pattern of 8 strands
Centreweave pattern of 8 strands

10 strands
Turtle pattern of 10 strands
Double stripe goanna neck of 10 strands

11 strands
Pyramid pattern of 11 strands
Night tiger pattern of 11 strands

12 strands
Jim's old man python
Beetle pattern of 12 strands
Chess board pattern of 12 strands
Stripey pattern of 12 strands
Emerald pattern of 12 strands

13 strands
Pyramid design of 13 strands

14 strands
Shadow diamond of 14 strands

16 strands
Tile pattern of 16 strands
Barber's pole of 16 strands

17 strands
Crab claw pattern of 17 strands

18 strands
Triple stripe goanna of 18 strands

Some crocodile ridge plaits
Wide straps with simulated crocodile ridges
Applied crocodile ridge

6 strands
Baby croc ridge of 6 strands
Rule for crocodile ridges

12 strands
Centre crocodile ridge of 12 strands

14 strands
Crocodile ridge of 14 strands (applied)

17 strands
Crocodile ridge of 17 strands with button ends

18 strands
Packhorse mailman ridge of 18 strands

21 strands
Double crocodile ridge of 21 strands


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