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Bushcraft 8 - Ron Edwards

Bushcraft 8, Bush Leatherwork


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This book is divided into seven sections that can be bought individually as small books, see the menu, Leatherwork books.

The books are as follows.
1. Beginning Leatherwork
2. The Secret Plait
3. Leather Lacing Manual
4. Stockmen's Plaited Belts
5. Braided Belts
6. Plaits Round and Flat
7.Bushmen's Belt Pouches

There are some differences between the small books and this collection as there was a certain amount of editing involved when putting the compendium together.

page detail 8 1 page detail 8 2

Above are examples of pages from the book there are many detailed drawings of the subjects covered, along with how to descriptions. A very well researched book.

Contents of this book are

Beginning Leatherwork
Buying leather
Tools needed
Basic tool kit
Notes on tools
The knife
Hole punch
Marking wheel
Edge shave
Edge groover
Adjustable edge groover
Decorating leather
Scaling up designs
Embossing tool
Leather carving
Leather stamping
Tracing designs
Putting names on leather
Boot polish
Pale leather
Bifurcated rivets
Speedy rivets
Copper rivets
Press studs
Lace sizes
Whip stitch
Comb case
Key ring tag
Neck tag
Key ring on a belt loop
Stockman's belt
Wrist band
Padded thongs
Key case
Koala purse
Allowing for shrinkage
Three plait
Five plait
Dog collar
Collar for small dog
Secret plait, another method
Seven plait
Multiple strand plaits
Nine plait
Useful secret plaits
Trinity knot

Leather lacing manual
Whip stitch
Wide whip
Mummy wrapping
Back whip
Cross stitch
Round braid
Single cordover
Double cordover
Styles of cordover
Triple cordover
Lazy S
Dot stitch
Baggin's stitch
Flat lacing
Bar pattern
Zig-zag pattern
Bootlace pattern
Linked cross pattern
Flat cordover
Round braid on flat surface
Gluing broken strands
Joining without glue
Tools needed for lacing
Slit punch
Multiple slit punch
Drive punch
Pricking wheel
Lacing needles

Stockmen's plaited belts
Another use for belts
Selecting the lace
Cutting lace by hand
Other methods of hand cutting
Stabbed block guide
Split twig guide
Fingers only method
Cutting with the thumbnail
Cutting strands (an unusual method)
Calculating the amount of lace needed
Making a twin ring belt
Standard flat plaiting technique
Bevelling the edges
How to start plaiting
Flat 8 plait
Flat 10 plait
Wider belts
Getting tension on plaited belts
Plaiting soap
Pull tight, plait loose
Reversing the face
Losing the sequence
Finishing off a belt
Smoothing and stretching
Loose keeper
Turk's head keeper
Gaucho knot
Pineapple knot
Buckle belt
Fixed keeper for buckle belt
Easy belt patterns
Unusual patterns
Regular belt start
Raised edge plait
Triple ridge plait
Goanna neck plait
Cop this young Harry
Creating slits in belts

Braided belts
Round edge braid
Single strand Centre braid
Vine and flowers pattern
Twelve point braid
Wide braiding
Covered buckles
Braided snake
Simple braid

Plaits round and flat
Two plait
Calculating strand width
Three plait
Doubled Crown knot
Gumnut knot
Four plait, separate strands
Four plait on solid strap
Four plait round a core
Four plait on handle
Doubled four plait
Round 5 plait
Chess board and diamond patterns
Round 6 plait, diamond patterns
Round 6 plait
Round 6 plait for whip
Irregular herringbone
Round 7 plait
Round 8 plait for whips
8 plait, diamond pattern
Changing from one pattern to another
8 plait for whip handle
Round 10 plait
Round 10 plait, under 3 sequence
Round 12 plait, herringbone pattern
Round 12 plait, diamond pattern
Round 12 plait for whips
Round 12 plait for whip handles
Reducing from 12 plait to 10 plait
Reducing from 12 plait to 8 plait
Reducing from 8 plait to 7 plait
Round plaits 14 to 36 strands
Dropping strands
Reducing from 7 plait to 6 plait
Reducing from 8 plait to 6 plait
Reducing from 6 plait to 4 plait
Long whipping
Long whipping, another method

Flat plaits
General rule for flat plaits
How to work 4 plait to 24 plait
Flat 3 plait
Flat 4 plait
Flat 5 plait
Flat 6 plait
Flat 7 plait
Flat 8 plait
Flat 9 plait
Flat 10 plait
Length of strands in plaited belts
Useful plaiting tip
Finishing off Flat plaiting
Flat 11 plait
Flat 12 plait
Flat 13 plait
Flat 14 plait
Flat 15 plait
Flat 16 plait
Flat 20 plait
Plaiting or braiding
Assorted plaiting hints
To gradually widen a plait
Putting a hole in a plait
Changing from round to flat plait
Changing from flat to round plait
Plaiting a right angle
Turning a plait on itself
Flat 16 plait
Flat 20 plait
Plaiting or braiding
Assorted plaiting hints
To gradually widen a plait
Putting a hole in a plait
Changing from round to flat plait
Changing from flat to round plait
Plaiting a right angle
Turning a plait on itself

Bushmen's belt pouches
Pouches sewn on the belt
Three pouch belt
Sharpening stone pouch
Castrating knife pouch
Pouch with a strud
Pouch fixed close to the buckle
Plaited knife pouch fixed to belt
Pouch flap
Front of pouch
Sewing front to belt
Plaited knife pouch
Plaiting the back
Standard knife pouch
Fastening leather
Simple knife pouch
Double pouch
Rabbiter's pouch
Sailor's knife pouch
Plaited pouch
Amount of lace needed
Problems with plaited pouches
Small keeper
Watch pouch
Drop down pouch

Some of the subjects have been covered in the smaller plaiting books on offer here, so there is some crossover of subjects.

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