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- Learn to make shoes by hand.
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bespoke shoemaking book cover

This is the page to purchase your signed copy of my book, Bespoke Shoemaking. Below you will also find special offers when you combine this book with others. You will find similar deals when you check out the other books on this site.

Payments may be made through PayPal. See below, or by any other means you like.

Cost of each Book is $140.00 AUD + postage. calculated by region. The book measures 29cm x 21cm (11 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, A4 page size) and weighs 820 grams, or nearly 2 lbs.

All books will be signed by me when bought from this site, and sample pages may be seen here.

Below are links for payment through PayPal. They are the cost of one Bespoke Shoemaking book plus postage to wherever you live. Specials are available with many of the other shoemaking books on this site.

If you have queries about multiple purchases, or wish to include another book of any sort in your purchase, please me for prices, as postage rates will probably differ. I will email you back with the correct amount. Paypal will automatically calculate the conversion rates between your currency and mine. If you want a rough idea of that cost please use the currency converter it will open in a new page.

If you want anything other than standard Post Office rates, such as insurance, please let me know here

For a signed copy of Bespoke Shoemaking, please follow the prompts below.

bespoke shoemaking book cover


Price for Bespoke Shoemaking is $140.00 AUD + postage. For Russia and other countries in that region, please email here

Australia Only

Mainland USA/Canada only.

New Zealand only.

China, Hong Kong,Japan, India, Indonesia, S.Korea, Taiwan, New Caledonia, PNG, only.

Fiji, New Caledonia, PNG, Philippines, Sri Lanka, only.

Ireland, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,

Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Malta, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, Denmark

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam only.


I will send an invoice from PayPal that you can pay with a credit card, so tell me your country, and which books you want if you can't find your country beside a button.