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- Learn to make shoes by hand.
Simple Sandalmaking

Simple Sandalmaking, Sandals Anyone Can Make - Tim Skyrme

Simple Sandalmaking cover


This book contains 10 styles of sandals in 209 pages, that can be made by anyone who can use simple tools.

All insoles, midsoles, and sole shapes, are included, along with strap placements, threading up instructions, and how to put on buckles, for each style.

All sizes from 1 - 12 English men or 2 - 13 for US men and 3.5 - 14.5 US women.

Descriptions of making up a sole with a small heel from plain sheet is also included.

Not designed specifically for shoemakers, this book only uses styles that do not require a last. This makes it perfect for leatherworkers, or anyone wishing to make a single pair, or start a business.

Apart from the sole and insole outlines there are 104 images and diagrams, I have tried to keep the instructions as simple and as explicit as possible, and have used the same system for the images that I used in my very popular Bespoke Shoemaking book.

This video from is on their facebook page and shows how to make a simple device for edging straps so they are more comfortable on the foot. The gadget is simple and easy to make.





What “They” say.

“Thanks for the great book on sandals!  I just received your book yesterday and made my wife the Genesis pair last night.  ...  I found your that your instructions were easy and concise. I have just recently gotten into leather.”..NM.


sandal insole

insole outline

sandal threaded

punching leather


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Simple Sandalmaking cover

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